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"Maybe it will work this time around [25 Aug 2007|12:52pm]
[ mood | content ]

Hey people's
 i havent updated in forever and Becky was gettin me back into this she told me shei missed livejournal so i thought hey waht the hell i'll write in it

 hm.. i dont know what i have updated on and havent.. but me and Nathaniel broke up in the beginning of May and didnt get back together until August 22nd.. so all summer was single and i hung out usually with my friends Nicole, Bolly, Chad, Jonah, Phil, and BP... it was a great summer and everything happens for a reason and i actually for once had friends that i could enjoy myself and have fun with!

 But i really do hope that me and Nathaniel work out this time.. i'm kinda scared because i'll prob end up gettin hurt AGAIN but .. i'm willin to give ONE MORE try.. only one more! i love him and things are goin good right now except for the fact i dont know.. i dont know if he really cares as much as i do but ahh i guess we'll see!

 Arianna is gettin so big and she is my life! I'm so happy i have her! Without her i don tknow what i'd do! She's my angel and I thank God everyday for puttin her in my life! Mommie loves you!

    well thats a short update but it catches you on what my life has been like

 better leave me comments.. if not.. then i prob wont update again haha!

 love u guys!


life moves fast [01 May 2007|06:34pm]
[ mood | confused ]

 hey guys!
   I havnet wrote in forever.. guess i really dont have time.. i have myspace and it fills up my life! :)
but basically my life consists of school, Arianna and Nathaniel

  Arianna is the love of my life.. it gets hard but without her.. i wouldn't be able to make it.. if i'm down i look at her and she puts a smile on my face.. she makes me better when nething goes wrong!

 i love Nathaniel with all my heart as well.. sometimes I think we r so much alike and nothing could tear us apart.. but in some other ways we're so different and i just .. i dont know.. i love him and hope we are together forever.. <3.. it's complicated :(

    Ashli Rose is my best friend these days... despite Paige and Brian.. their my number 1's.. i just love these people to death

 well since i doubt neone reads this nemore.. i'll end it with that

 if u all leave me comments i'll prob continue updating.. if i dont.. i'll know its pointless and just keep on with myspace :)

 love you all

Manderz <3

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i wait up late every night just to hear ur voice but u dont know thats nothing like me [06 Sep 2006|05:09pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

 Hey peoples.. wow.. i just realized almost every single one of my updated start with "Hey people's" lmao neways i guess ill sum my life into caterogies and tell what i did over the weekend

   Friday: went up Nathaniels thats about it
   Saturday: it was mine and Nathaniel's 1 year anniversary.. so he took me out to eat at Mosby's because i know its weird but i had never ate there before.. i got me a chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon on it with some fries and he got some ribs and baked potato and it costed like $33 .. i was po'ed lmao.. thats expensive for just 2 lil orders but it was all good.. and we went to K-mart because K-mart sells uncensored cds unlike Walmart so we went there and he bought me the new Crossfade cd .. aww god love his heart.. then after that me and him went up Paige's and hung out

   Sunday: went up his house and went up Paige's to hang out again

    Thats about all important that happened.. monday we was off for school so i just stayed up Nathaniel's all day and then tuesday and today was school so after school i go up nathaniels and thats it haha

             School: school is alright for me.. i'm makin a C in English which i'm really pissed about but i dont have mrs. gilmer nemore and she loved me.. i had A+ in her classes.. now i have mrs. baker.. and she dont like me obviously... and i have an A in computer , an A in gabe's class and a B+ in Bio 2... so if it wasnt for english i would be doin good :(

             Love: we have our rough times and our good times.. all in all tho .. we survive thru it all. even when i think that there is no way in hell we're gonna make it ... i hear his voice or see him and its like i cant help but be with him..what can i say.. i love the boy... I honestly think that me and him are gonna be together forever.. i know we say that about everything.. especailly teenagers .. but i honestly think that.. i may be wrong.. but its just we have overcame so much... and i know that all the struggles we go thru make it worth it.. because we love each other.. I love you baby <3 9/03/05

           Friends:  i have the best friends in the world.. honestly i do!. i dont talk to many people at school tho but the best friends in the world is my Tiffany Freeman (nottasexual) and Laurisa Jean .. also i start talkin to Brianna Baker alot too.. i've missed my nigg nigg haha.. and i couldnt have a laugh without my libby lou or mollusca *molly* lmao.. without these people i woudlnt be me :) ... but other than the school. i have my paige and brian.. i love them goobers... my whore beckster.. and kaila.... and my cousin dakota.and of course Nathaniel.. he's like my other half....i just have alot of peopel that make me who i am.. if you are mentioned.. you are special in my life and i coudlnt make it without you all :) .. if ur not.. you all are not important lmao jk.. i love you all too :) 

           Pregnancy: its goin great.. i mean there are nights i cant even sleep because my stomach kills me but i'm doin alright. i'm still glad that i've not gained as much weight as some have.. i'm a healthy pregnant woman.. not one of those that think once their pregnatn they can eat whatever they want because its just for the baby.. nope.. it goes to fat huns... lmao.. and i feel Arianna kickin and i'm like aww my b aby wants out lmao.. i love her <3

          well i guess thats about it
 leave me some comments
Manderz <3


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dont tell me its not worth fighting for, i cant help it theres nothing i want more " [28 Aug 2006|05:30pm]
[ mood | full ]

Hey People's i havent updated this thing in forever because no one really looks at livejournal nemore but oh well i still like writing in this thing :) 
 Life is alright for me i guess.. i mean i have some problems and issues but i manage to get by
*Me and Nathaniel are doing alright...tho we have planned to hold off the wedding until we can get along better.. the wedding supposed to be september 9th which is like a week or so from now and we havent planned the wedding barely at all and we fight all the time.. and he just said that he thinks before we get into marriage bein miserable we need to work on our communication skills and try to get along better... so i dont blame him.. the wedding will proly be in last september instead of early september.. we havent really decided a date.. but he supposed to propose to me when he thinks we're both ready for it.. i cant wait for that day.. he told me it would defnately be before the baby is born so :) .. i'm excited of him asking me.. we never really got that excitemnet before.. we were just like we're gettin married.. now i get to wonder when is he gonna ask me.. its excited but also scary! i hope he does ask soon! i love him so.. but its just we fight so much.. but we're doin so much better which i'm happy about :) 

*Me and Laurisa are gettin closer too :) its great..  i hope we finally become like we used to be.. i dont know sometimes i think we're gettin there .. then other times i'm like its never gonna happen.. its in the past and i cant change that.. but i'm startin to look on the positive side.. i'm even goin up her house Wendesday if her mom says yes :) so :) 

* Me and Tiffany Brooke are really close as well!.. i'm so glad she's at the high school this year

 *Me and Nathaniel went up Paige and Brians Saturday night and Sunday.. i love them goobers :)
* I swear Paige is like the best friend neone could ever ask for

* Paige's boyfriend Brian is like one of my best friends.. we're like twins.. we think so much alike it scares me haha!
* Right now i'm sittin here bored waitin on Nathaniel to get home from work talkin to beckster my whore and Tiffany my nottasexual bestest :) 

* the baby is doing fine btw.. kickin as much as ever.. i love her<3

well thats about it.. now i'm gonna leave you all with some of my senior pics.. tell me waht u think but plz try to be kind..remember i am pregnant haha  i almoost cried when i saw them because i think their ugly but everyone else told me their pretty .. but thats family for ya haha

dont forget to leave me some wonderful comments
 love to all,
Manderz <3

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hate me today, hate me tomorrow, hate me for what i didnt do for u [14 Aug 2006|03:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hey people's.. thought it was time for one of my great updates :) 
   i guess i'll start with Friday
 Friday:went to school, came home, waited for Nathaniel to get off work ... then me and him went to Wal-mart to pick up some lay-away stuff for the baby :) and i saw my best bud Mr. David Meade there :) then me and Nathaniel went to Mcdonalds where i saw My whore Becky, Sam, and Kaila.. I talked to them for a few minutes and they left so then justin cantrell came by to talk to nathaniel and then after that me and Nathaniel went to my house.. my mom wasnt home and he knows how i hate to be alone so he practically spent the night with me.. we slept till about 4:30 in the moring and mom FINALLY shows up and was like ok tell nathaniel its time to go home.. i was like how effen gay he has to go home at like 5 in the morning but he did and then i went to bed :) 

Saturday: I went up Nathaniel's around 10:30 that morning.. me and him took a anp and then went to our house to try to fix it up more... and then My best bud Paige called and said hey and Brian got a new trailer to come up and check it out so around 9:30 that night me and Nathaniel finally left.. we got "directions" and left... the trailer was up mill-creek and i knew the 911 address to it.. it took us an hour to find it.. we went up to this no tresspasing house and about got out asses shot.. and then we went up Jordan and Emily Mullins house because they lived up millcreak and we thought they could help us.. but they wasnt home and while goin back to the car i fell on their bricks they have at the end of their porch.. scraped my leg all to crap.. then when we finally almost found Paige's house... we saw a man in the middle of the road strangling this woman.. when we reached Paiges house we was telling paige and brian about it and brian said he wantd to see what was goin on.. so him and nathanie left .. came back and said that the guy said ne didnt need no help and that the woman was either crying or overdosed or soemthing... it was scary.. then me and nathaniel stayed up there with Paige and Brian till about 1:30 in the moring.. went home and thats bout it :)

 Sunday: woke up .. nathaniel picked me up about 11 and we took a nap till about 2.. got up and Nathaniel wanted to spend some time with his brother cuz they barely ever do and i felt soryr for him so we just stayed there with Grub all day.. then went to my house and Grub came up my house too and they played video games with my brother and thats about it

 Today: school and now i'm waitin on nathaniel to get home from work :) 

 * today.. in 2nd block.. me and emily noticed that there is people out there in this world that is MORE SPED than us :) ... *inside joke*
 *  Me and Tiff killed Laurisa with "notta-sexual" jokes
 * I really am starting to hate school already haha!
 * i wished i had a lil pregnant tummy like tessa's.. it sucks lmao! 
  * i love my friends :)

 welp thats about it ;)

 love you all and leave comments

Manderz <3

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"when you hear tim mcgraw i hope you think of our fave song i hope u think of me" [09 Aug 2006|01:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey people's.. thought it was time for a short update
 well i havent been on the internet these past few days because i've been at the house me and Nathaniel are moving into while hes at work fixing it up.. me, his grandmother and mine and his aunt have been working like dogs tryin to finish it before we get married so thats bascially all thats been happening
  oh yea.. we've moved the date we think to September 9th so we will have more time on the house and because Sunday wouldnt be a good day to get married with Church and stuff so :) 
 hopefully that date will stick ... 
   I have a doctors appointment Friday and i think i'm goin to get mom to take me the courthouse and get the  marriage license so we wont have to worry about that and i wont have to miss ne more school than i have to... so hopefully that plan works out

 thats my update :) 
 leaev me some comments
 and see ya all at school..tomorrow  well some of ya :) 


Manderz <3

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My School Schedule [02 Aug 2006|01:24pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey People's... i got my schedule for senior year so here it is.. if you have ne classes with me leave me a comment :)
 homeroom teacher is :Randy Shortt
 1st Semester: English 12
                           IT Fundamentals
                          Marketing *again* lmao

                          Bio 2 with R. Mullins

2nd Semester:  Basic Computer (c)
                             Us and Va Government with R. shortt
                             Family Relations *again*? lmao
                             Geometry part 2

            I have 2 classes that i've already taken but thats because i've already got all my credits for extra classes.. so i'm allowed to take them agian which is fine because i loved them so if you all got ne classes with me tell me :)

       I got some exciting news :) ... Me and Nathaniel got tickets to the Staind concert that was supposed to have Seether but they bailed out and now Crossfade is gonna be there.. my fave band.. i'm so happy :)  its August 22nd :)
     and Saturday me and Nathaniel and Mom and Jacob are goin to Ripleys Aquarium so it should be some fun before school starts :)

 well thats about it
 leave me some lovings

Manderz <3


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"i wanted you to know that i love the way u laugh i want to hold u high and steal ur pain away" [24 Jul 2006|01:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey People's.. i thought it was time for Amanda's famous lovely updated that barely neone really cares about lmao

   i'm gonna put things into catogories
        Family: my family life is doin alright.. my family and Nathaniel's family have been gettin together and gettin mine and Nathaniel's house fixed.. we got new doors put up .. i just cant wait.. my family is doin much better and realizes that i have to get out on my own and that September 3rd i' will be out on my own.. makes me nervous.. but i chose this direction in my life so i have to follow it :)

        Friends: my friends are alright.. i have a few true friends.. the others i just talk to... i get kinda confused who my true friends are these days.. the ones i thought were true.. of course as ususal prolly arent! enough said about that

     Love: well love is goin good.. it has its good and bad moments.. but so does life... it doesnt mean you shouldnt cherish eveyr minute of it.. i love Nathaniel so much and cant wait to spend my life with him :) i also cant wait until september 3rd :) .... when we get married :)

      Baby: the baby is doin good.. rotten as ever in my tummy.. it loves kickin.. she's gonna be one hyper girl :) .. i love her so much.. and cant wait to see her for the 1st time <3

            well thats basically it
 if ur my true friend just let me know because i'm havin trouble seein who really is these days lmao!.. oh well

       leave me some comments
Manderz <3

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"nothing seems to be the way that it used to, god gave me truth" [14 Jul 2006|02:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey Peoples... thanks for the comments on the pics.. it took me forever to upload so i'm glad i got at least a few comments

 for the ones of you that dont know.. i went to the doctor.. and i found out what it is.. its a.......... GIRL! :) i am so frickin happy! everyone said it was going to be a boy.. and i really wanted a girl for my 1st even tho i woudlnt care what it was as long as it was healthy.. come to find out its healthy and a girl.. i cried.. i was so happy!... and it weighs 1 pound right now which everyone was so worried sayin i dont eat right and the doctor said thats really healthy for the baby to weigh that much right now so :)

          i'm just so damn happy! i cant wait to have my little girl and hold her in my arms.. i dont think life will be complete without her.. i know it's gonna be alot of work especailly with school but i think i can do it.. i know i can!

 i alreayd know what i'm namin her.. her name is Arianna Faith Horne :) 

   me and Nathaniel and mom and his mom and his mammaw and pappaw went to look at the house we're movin into .. we're goin to get married in september hopefully :) and we're tryin to get things ready to move in 
 i just coudlnt be more happier

 i want to give a shoutout to some special people who have been there for me and who i just love :) these people are my true friends and i think!

 Nathaniel Benton Horne
 Nicole Becky Sturgill
 Rebecca Kathryn Sturgill
 Paige Bolling
 Byran Rose
 Tiffany Freeman
 Brianna Baker
 Dakota Gilliam

 those are just the few special people that has been there or has tried to be there.. I love you all

manderz <3

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time gets thin my old friend, this songs for u to tell the world that u were here [11 Jul 2006|02:57pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey People's.. i thought it was time for an update :) i guess i'll start with Saturday

Saturday: i chilled up nathaniel's and Paige called mom and told her to tell me to come swimmin with her and brian.. so me and nathaniel went to my mammaws 1st then went to Paige's to swim, around 11:30 we went back to my mammaws and Nicole and my cousin jonah was there.. i was happy to see my bestest :) ... me and Nathaniel left early tho cuz he had to get up early for work so I took a few pics of us there and then left and went to bed

Sunday: Me and Nathaniel went to my Grannies to eat a bday dinner for my mom.. it was so good.. we had roast, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans..etc.. all the good stuff :) and after i ate my stomach started killin me.. but i stayed up there to hang out with Paige and Brian neways... we went swimming and we roasted weiners and mashmallows and talked and then around 2 me and Nathaniel left while fighting.. which is what we always do but still then we went home and got in the bed

Monday: Me and Nathaniel got up and went to the pepsi-plant because Derick *my cousins b/f* said he might get him a job there.. so nathaniel went to the interview for it and got the job :) he starts mondday.. he gets insurance after 90 days and gets raises alot so i'm excited for him :) ... my mom and family are nervous because someone told them they do drugs alot up there .. but i was like well thats their problem nathaniel is goin there to work... so... neways.. then Me and Nathaniel celebrated by eating out at Bananza.. it was really good.. we ate the buffet which had chicken, taters, and stuffing :) .. yum.. and then we went to my mammaws and got my brother then came on home and took a nap.. Nathaniel and My brother Jacob played some games and then we went up Paige's and me, Nathaniel, and Brian swimmed some and then decided to go inside around 11 that night and watch Polterigiest 2.. i had never saw it and it was pretty good before i fell asleep! now i'm anxious to find out what happens lmao neways around 1:30 in the morning me and nathaniel left , came home and went to bed

Today: went up Nathaniel's, ate some pizza, and stuff and then we took a nap until time to go, came home and now he's at work and i'm sittin here bored lmao... 

 neways .. now i thought i would put some pics of here from these past couple days.. i still dont know how to put them in a link.. so i'm sorry  people's.. u'll have to deal. i promise it wont take up TOO much room :)
 and like i've been sayin.. if you dont like it .. you can gladly delete me from ur friends list :)

This is a pic of Paige and I Sunday night after gettin outta the pool.. we both looked like we just woke up and we're the devil with those red eyes or something.. you can laugh if you must cuz i am too lmao

This is my baby Nathaniel*whew he looks so sexy posin like that* <3 ;) and my best bud *paige's b/f* Brian Sunday showing their muscles and acting "manly" lmao

This is my Bub Monday.. i told him to smile but he didnt lmao

This is Sunday Night.. I told Nathaniel to look over at me and i snapped a pic of him.. as u can see from the look on his face he didnt know i was snappin the pic *evil grin*

This is Paige and Brian Sunday night.. we was sittin by the fire and i took a pic of them.. its kinda dark but still haha

This is Mom 

This is Nathaniel and Me Saturday when we went to mammaws to see nicole and jonah

This is My best gal Nicole and me Saturday night

Nathaniel eating at Paiges sunday 

I told Nathaniel to give me the bird at Paige's.. he looks so sexy doin it so of course he did :) 

These next four pics are pics of me and nathaniel Sunday.. we decided to be stupid and do diff. things on each pic lmao

oh so sad

kiss and tongue moments ;)

The rest of these are just pics of me .. either actin stupid or uhh just acting stupid lmao.. u may skip these if u wish lmao

These 3 pics are of me at Paige's swimming .. i'm just bein dorky in em haha

*i look high in this pic or something* lmao

this is just me smilin for the camera

these 2 pics are of my pregnant belly incase you all havent seen me all summer this is what my pregnant belly looks like now :) 

me acting stupid posing lmao

nathaniel took this pic outside at paige's when i had just got outta the pool

well that wraps it up folks.. but plz leave comments cuz it took me like 2 hours to upload all these and put em on here

 please leave comments
    Shout out to my true bestest friends :Nathaniel, Paige, Brian, and Nicole :)

Manderz <3

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i do it for the drugs,i do it just to feel alive,i do it for theLove i getFromTheBottom of a bottle [04 Jul 2006|02:52pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Hey people's i got 16 comments last time :) WHOO HOO! so now i can update lmao i'll start with sunday

Sunday: when Nathaniel got off work, we went to my Grannies and hung out with Paige and Brian.. i love them people's! it had been a long time since i talked with them.. since prom.. and we stayed up there till about midnight swimmin in granny's pool which is so warm it felt like a jacuzzi.. it rocked.. me, nathaniel, paige, and brian supposed to be goin out again wendesday.. i dont know if she remembers or not .. but if she does she'll call.. then me and Nathaniel came home and went to bed

Monday: I waited for Nathaniel to get off work.. when he got off we went to his house for a while and watched the movie "O" and its really good :) and then we was gonna go over to jordan mullins and emily's house and watch fireworks but my mom got some so we decided to go to my nannys house and watch them.. <3 and then we went back to my house and he went to sleep till about 2 in the morning and i took a nap with him.. my brother woke me up and said that it was 2 in the morning so i woke nathaniel up and he went home :)

Today: i'm waitin for nathaniel to get off work and we're plannin to go up my great aunts house and grill-out.. and my best friend nicole is gonna be there cuz she's datin my cousin jonah and i'm so happy! .. there make such a a cute couple plus.. she's like my best gal so ... and jonah seems to really like her <3 i love them too love birds :) neways.. thats the plans for today :) 

* today is the 4th of July as everyone knows and i started thinkin that my Dad loved the 4th of July.. an honestly i know prolly no one wants to hear about me and my pitiful sob stories again.. i did enough of that alrready.. just had to get it out.. it still kills me and its been over a year.. a day dont go by that id ont think of him and miss him.. Ronnie Lee Willis: i still think of you and love u now than ever before <3

i got a few pics.. still dont know how to put them on a link or w/e... to where it wont take up space .. i might have figured it out but if i didnt,its only a few pics so place spare me and leave me comments. if not.. i'll be sad :( haha

This is me and my used to be bestest friend in the world. Matt Hollyfield at my house.. it was like last year.. if i offend neone by puttin this on here.. dont be.. it's just a pic my mom got developed and i downloaded cuz its a part of my past
   *WARNING* I look awful in these pics so .. just deal with it ;) haha

This is me and my mom on the same day i think 

This is me and my gorgous cousin Dakota... she makes me so jealous lmao.. i love her tho.. this was us at my nanny's house a few months ago

This is my sister *she's just like a sis but really my cousin* Paige , me in the middle, and Kenna at graduation

This is my baby Nathaniel, Me, and my bub last night when we was shooting fireworks*my brothers face is pricless haha*..  plus i had no make up on so shut up and no rude remarks lmao

 thats all i have for today folks..
it took me forever to put these pics on here and upload them and everything so please be kind and leave some comments
 love you all

Manderz <3

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my old friend i appoligize for the years that have passed since the last time u&I dusted offMemories [24 Jun 2006|01:56pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Hey People's..  i see that no one really gives a crap about me enough to leave me a comment except kels! thanks girl and i love u and appreicate it.. but besides that wtf? lmao.. i updated a long  update and no one left me a comment but her.. will this will be the last update on livejournal of mine unless i have at least 16 comments.. cuz if i dont get that many comments i'll know there is no use updating this thing if no one reads it.. i'm wastin my time!

 well today i dont know.. i've been thinkin and i'm just upset about things..
 while Nathaniel is at work .. i start to think he's almost the only friend i have!!! no one else gives a shit about me to do nething with me, hang out with or nething.. i just miss my old life

 Nathaniel Benton Horne: you are my best friend in the world and I thank you for not betrayin me like everyone else.. i love you so much baby! you are my life
and to emily mullins, becky sturgill, and kelsey pilkenton.. thanks for bein there when i needed you! you all have stuck by me! i love you girls bunches

 i've tried and tried to become with my old best friends ... 2 in particular but they dont give a crap.. i've realize so i've learned to let go of them.. but on person in particular i've been thinkin about today that has really started to bother me... me and this girl have been best friends since i was born... me and her was inseperable until she got her boyfriend.. and when she got hers we still were.. then; i got nathaniel and we just slipped away.. not really thinkin much about it.. but today i have thought about it and i've realized i really need this person in my life.. she'll always be my # 1 best gal friend in the world

 to Christian Paige Bolling .. this song is for you!.. i know you probably wont read this but i miss you! u seem like outta all my friends that i know you would be there for me if i needed you!!... 

My old friend, I recall
The times we had hanging on my wall
I wouldn't trade them for gold
Cause they laugh and they cry me
Somehow sanctify me
Their woven in the stories I have told
And tell again

My old friend, I apologize
For the years that have passed
Since the last time you and I
Dusted off those memories
But the running and the races
The people and the places
There's always somewhere else I had to be
Time gets slim, my old friend

Don't know why, don't know why
Don't know why, don't know why

My old friend, this song's for you
Cause a few a few simple verses
Was the least that I could do
To tell the world that you were here
Cause the love and the laughter
Will live long after
All of the sadness and the tears
We'll meet again, my old friend

Goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye

My old friend, my old friend
Goodbye, goodbye

 leave comments if you want.. if you dont want to.. oh well

love you all,
Manderz <3

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when i have kids i wont put chains on their wrist, i wont" [20 Jun 2006|03:52pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Hey People's..  missed me? I doubt it but IMM BACCCKKKKKK and i have an update to tell u about

  Friday: Nathaniel went to work and i was bored and was goin to go up my mammaws for a while and called her and she told me my cousin Rhiannon and her boyfriend was gonna go on a mini-vacation to a theme park.. hell i didnt care what kind it was I WAS GOIN.. so i called nathaniel and asked him if he wanted to go and he said yea so I tried ALL day to get a hold of my mom and i couldnt so at 5 nathaniel got home from work and i told him to hurry and pack because we had to catch my mom downtown because she got off work at 5 and we could catch her so we went downtown and caught her at the gasstation and asked her and she said yea so we went to my mammaws and headed for the road.. So then me, Nathaniel, Rhiannon, Derrick * my cusin's black boyfriend* and my lil baby Shawntee went to Walmart to get some drinks before we headed for North Carolina ... yep we was headin to Carowinds...  so me and nathaniel got some food cuz we was hungry and then around 1 in the morning we got to Derrick's friends house which we stayed in.. it was 2 stories and very pretty and me and nathaniel got our OWN room to ourselves :) .. so bascially when we got there we went to bed :)

Saturday: we woke up with the sound of Shawntee screamin in our ear.. and Rhiannon tellin us breakfast is ready... lmao.. nathaniel ate some pancakes and bacon and stuff.. and i didnt eat cuz i wanst hungry.. so we headed to Derrick's brother's house to visit him then we headed to a Mall in North Carolina .. i was starved so i ate there at this place that served awsome Stromboli :) it was HUGE! me and nathaniel had to share it .. after a few hours of stayin there .. we headed to a different mall.. this one was bigger and better.. it has a carasel in the mall and a mini-rollarcoaster for kids :) .. i went to Hot Topic and found a Johnny Depp Blanket .. a huge one of him on Pirates of The Caribbeans... and nathaniel bought it for me :) I LOVE IT! and its so beautiful and sexy and MINE lmao.. i sleep with it every night haha .. then we headed back to Derrick's friends house and we layed down, watched my baby Shawntee then got in a fight and went to bed.. how sweet </3 :) 

Sunday: we woke up and got ready to go to Carowinds... and we got there and it was awsome... me and Nathaniel got in the wave pool the whole time.. and i rode some water rides cuz it was bascially the only thing that i could ride but it was so much fun :) Me and Nathaniel did everything together that day.. never sepearted .. besides the fact that he went to ride all the rollar coasters i wanted to WITHOUT ME cuz i couldnt ride them :( neways.. after stayin there till abou 7:30 that evening .. we went back to Derricks friends house and pitched in on some dominos pizza.. it was good :) then we headed back home .. bad night because nathaniel left his guys in norht carolina so he was all grouchy with me.... and blamed me for it when i had nothing to do with it.. but he's got a spare right now and Derrick's friend is gonna mail it back to us... neways.. then we had to call Grub and tell him to bring the spare keys to my mamamws around 3 in the mroning he got there and we went back to nathaniel's house .. still fighting waitin for grub to get back home because his car wouldnt make it up my hill so finally we took his mom's car and we GOT STUCK up my hill.. so we finally made it up my hill thanks to me helpin him and tellin him where to go :) so we didnt get back home till about 6 in the morning.. we made up like we always do and now we're find after all that drama

Monday: Nathaniel went to work so i stayed at home , rested, then went to his house and went back home :)

Today: I woke up, ate me a pizza sub, played the Sims and waited for nathaniel to come get me.. so the rest of the day i've been up his house chillin and lovin on  the love of my life :)

 now since i updated such a LONG update.. plz feel free to leave me lots of lovins and comments


love you all

Manderz <3

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"cuz i want you, i feel you crawling underneath my skin, u can have whats left of me" [11 Jun 2006|12:12pm]
[ mood | blank ]

 Hey People's.. i thought it was time to update again.. last update i got 18 comments.. good job guys i'm proud.. maybe this time i can get just as much *doubt it* lmao..

 well I dont really know why i'm updating because i have nothing really to talk about

 well me and Nathaniel went to the movies to see The Omen.. it was alright.. i personally liked the 1st original better because the kid on the new one wasnt even remotely scary... the one on the orignal was freaky.. but all in all it was alright... 

  i also went to Laurisa's last week.. i cant remember what day it was.. i think Wendesday... I got up there and we mainly chilled on the computer, sat outside and talked and stuff.. and then i was supposed to go up her house friday but her mom had to have surgery so i suppose i'm goin up there sometime next week ... 

   i want to go to the best friends festival whenever it is :)

     mainly my day consists of.. wakin up, eating, waitin for nathaniel to get off work and that's about it :) .. after he gets off work we spend time together and thats all haha

  i've been wanting to swim in my pool the whole time but the water is so frickin cold.. i might just get in it neways :)

  last night we went to Nathaniel's mamamws to get her car so he could take me to the top of my hill and i stuck my feet in his mammaws pool and the water was so warm.. i coudlnt believe it because compared to my pool it was a jacuzzi.. I think tonight me and Nathaniel might just get in it :)

         Tuesday is my next doctor appointment for the baby.. i hate going to the doctor because it's just so unconfortable.. he's like "get naked" lmao .. but ya know i guess i'm gonna have to get used to it.. i hope i get to tell if its a boy of girl this time :) 

 please guys pray that i'll have easy labor.. and pray that i'm ok and the baby is healthy.. cuz i keep on watchin this movies where the mom either days while havin the baby or almost dies... i dont want to die and i dont want my baby to be unhealthy.. so just plz pray :) 

 well that's about it i suppose

 PLEASE leave comments :)

 i love you Nathaniel Benton Horne 9/03/05

Manderz <3

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i could just die in ur arms tonight, must have been something u said [04 Jun 2006|01:01pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey People's i thought it was time for another update.. but no one barely leaves me ne comments nemore.. it makes me really sad :( :( :( ... if u read this just leave me a frickin comment :) haha well i think i'm gonna put more pics on here .. i finally figured out how to put it on a link with this new layout thanks to laurisa so :) haha *UPDATE* Laurisa gave me the links but it didnt work for mine so i'm sorry that u have to look at the pics without clickin the link.. i've tried to figure it out all damn day and i'm just gonna leave it.. if u dont like it.. dont look is all i can say :)

 well last night Nathaniel had to work as usual but he got off early at 4 so after he got off work i got ready and me and him went to mcdonalds to get a bite to eat.. i payed for the food cuz i'm nice like that.. i got some chicken strips and he got two double cheeseburgers lmao.. he's an eater.. and then we headed toward the movies to watch See No Evil.. and the woman said i need to see ur id... and i was like oh no .. and nathaniel is like just show her ur learners... and i said "nathaniel i'm not 18" and he goes u have to be 17 .. i was shocked.. either i'm so stupid .. but i thought you had to be 18 so get into R rated movies.. i was like omg i'm legal to get into movies now lmao.. it excited me.. then we went to Mcdonalds again cuz we had to use the restrooms and we talked to Grub... and then we went to Wal-mart and headed toward the house.. we went to his house for a while and then around 1:30 am he took me home and i went to bed 

today: nathaniel came up to see me around 10:30 before he went to work.. he had to go in at 12... he gets off at 7 so until then i'm gonna chill at my Nanny's.. then go to his house :)

 Randoms *i'm talkin to laurisa and grub on the internet 
                 * me and grub are close again.. i love my bub haha 
                 * me and laurisa are finally makin our friendship work again for now haha 
              * I saw becky at walmart.... she's my whore and i love her haha *
             i had the weirdest dream last night... no comment what it was about haha well that's about all i can say.. here are some pics

 this is my baby and me on the first big snow in like january.. we went out in played in it :) *warning* .. like every pic i'm in in these i look horrible so please spare me the comments lmao  
This is me and Carissa one day at school.. she looks so happy dont she haha  
this is my baby standin on a huge snow-ball we made haha.. god love .. he looks so adorable  
this is jordan m. bein ready to be licked by Nathaniel.. i had to take the pic.. it was hellarious  

This is me and my baby again in the snow .. i repeat.. i look horrible in these pics.. i had just woke up. i know i know no excuses but haha  
this is me and carissa again.. me and her look like we are doin something sneaky and evil.. pshh thats not us at all *evil smirk* and i look drugged up whch i was lmao jkhaha
 this is my pride and joy.. my baby.... my lil kid.. ok its not my kid but i wished she was.. she's my baby cousin shawnte.. i love her so much :) she was eatin noodles and i took the pic real quick :)  
these pics are just me actin stupid takin pics.. i look horrible in them.. i had no makeup on in half of em... why am i puttin ugly pics of myself on here i dont know but here they r :) haha this is me tryin out my prom dress to see if i liked it *this pic is purdy dark*  
this is me gettin ready to go out to eat and i was sittin in nathaniel's car waitin for nathaniel to come outta the store haha the rest are just stupid pics i took of me haha

 well that's about it ppl's i took enough time to put those ugly pics of me on here so make enough time to plz comment :) love u all Manderz <3

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"my dreams came true because of you, from this moment as long as i live i will love you i promise u" [01 Jun 2006|03:44pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

hey people's.. i spent all that time updating with my pics and i only got 6 comments.. i'm ashamed at you all lmao jk

    neways.. what is new in my life?
 noting much.. Nathaniel works every single frickin day this week so i'm stuck by myself right now just talkin on icq ..... 

 so mainly my day consists of wakin up early, Nathaniel comes up or i go up his house before he goes to work .. he drops me off at my house and i go down my Nanny's and get on the computer and nap then when he gets off work he picks me up.. and that's about it :)

 you know what really gets on my nerves??? is when people are like " you are so my best friend" and then just ignore you and say they cant hang out with you one day cuz they have something to do then you find out that they invited someone else up?? hmm.. i'm tired of worrying about it.. :)

  i wanan thank my true friends who will be there for me i've realized....   

           Nathaniel: ur my best friend in the world.. and there is no one that could replace you! i love you so much

           Emily Mullins:  me and you have gotten purdy close and i love talkin to you about my love life and helpin you out.. thanks for even talkin to me and havin time for me when you have other friends at ur house.. which is what a true friend does.. and u are one my friend :)

          Beckster Sturgill: me and you have been friends for a long time and i love you my whore :)

            Nick Horne aka Grub: ur just like a bro to me... i'm glad we're close again :)

          Kelsey P.: I know we havent really talked that much but yesterday meant alot to me that you had enough time for ur cuz to talk tom e.. thank you girl

          there is prolly more but i cant think right now..

 you know if i love yoU :) :) :)

 that's all i have to say

 plz leave comments :)

 Manderz <3

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i'm just sittin away watchin the days go by [28 May 2006|01:30pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey People's.. i told you all i would update with Prom pictures so i'm going to .. enjoy the pics

  but 1st i'll tell you how my weekend went
 Friday.. me and Nathaniel went to pick up my mammaw and take her to Heritage Days and we went and chilled.. it was alright .. me and Nathaniel fought quite a bit which i hate doing.. but it was a big fight.. so while me and Nathaniel were fighting me and Laurisa was jokin around runnin from him.. he got pissed off and said i acted like a child.. but i am a child techincally so .. i like to have a bit a child in me lmao.. it was fun ... but i felt bad for hurting nathaniel's feelings  but then we finally made up!!!.. went to bed and that's about it

Saturday: me and Nathaniel headed towards heritage days, we took jordan mullins home then went to eat at Fiddlesticks.. it was so good.. we got chilli-cheese friez and some cheesesticks.. but we got in a big fight then too so i didnt really enjoy the morning.. then he left his wallet at his house so then Grub *his bro* had to go all the way to Fiddlesticks to give him his wallet so then we headed towards Heritage Days and didnt talk for like 2 hours there cuz we were fighting then finally we made up again thank god!... and he had to go to work so from like 3-8 i was bored to death! but then at 8 he came back at Heritage Days and we hung out till about 10:30.. then went up my mammaws then he took me home and i went to bed

Sunday *today*: my baby has to work again today.. 12-7 :( .. my Granny is grillin out today so i'm gonna go up there while Nathaniel is at work and swim with my lil pregnant belly lmao .. then after nathaniel gets off work he's goin to come up Grannies.. god i miss him... i dont know waht i would do without him.. our fights only make us stronger.. not sayin i wanna fight.;.. i think we're doin better about not fighting

      Me and Laurisa are gettin close again and i'm close.. i hope we stay close friends :)

 ok enough of me ranting about.. here are the prom pics :)

  and i know ppl get annoyed by havin pics that arent in those link things but my livejouranl has changed and i dont know how to do it.. i'm sorry if you dont like it you dont have to look :)

this is me and my brother before i went into prom
  this is me and my mom and my lil cousin

This is me and my brother up above

this is me and my pappaw before me leaving to prom

this is me and my baby <3

this is some of my best friends Paige and Brian at prom

this is me and my best gal at prom 

this is me, my baby and our friend brandon owens

me and my baby again

 well i'll put more pics on when i can find out how to use that code to not make it take up space.. sorry for ppl's friend pages but if you dont like it take me off? lmao i coudlnt figure out how to do it on this new layout

 love you all and leave comments

Manderz <3

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and if you do this it'll help you some sunny day, so take ur time dont live too fast [25 May 2006|08:16pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey people's.. i havnet updated in a while.. so i thought i would :)

well heritage days is comin up and i'm so excited :) :) :)

i'm lost alot of friends these past couple months but i think me and savannah are becomin close again.. i've MISSED YOU MY BEST FRIEND/ SUCKER FACTORY HELPER lmao... inside joke.. 1..2..3.. i'm not here haha.. i love ya girlie and i'm here for you.. and dont you worry about you know who.. ur too good and you know you'll find someone that will treat you right :)

to Nathaniel Benton Horne: you are the love of my life, my best friend, my world.. need i say more???... i cant wait to spend forever with you!! i love you so much baby! 9/03/05

to laurisa: we've had our troubles but i'm so glad we are tryin to get close again love you hun!!

well thats about all the shout outs

next update i'll try to leave pics of me and nathaniel at prom.. havent got em on the computer yet

i hurt someones feelings today and just wanted to say sorry :(

well thats about it

i love you all

plz leave me lots of love

Manderz <3

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[18 May 2006|12:58pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey People\'s... i havnet updated here in a long time so i thought i would....

so i went to was alright

then i have just been with my best friend and boyfriend Nathaniel.. i love him.... tat\'s about it

i got my ultrasound and saw my baby! aww.. it\'s so purdy.. it looks like a lil duck! lmao :) ....

neways that\'s all i know to say

it may be short but still show me love

love ya all

Manderz <3

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and i dont know what its like to die upon the cross to show how to love,but i've got friends thatdo" [06 Apr 2006|05:23pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Hey People,s... I though it was time for an update again...

nothing much has changed since my last update
yesterday.. i went to school, got Sydney to take me Foodland after school because Nathaniel got off at 4 and i was just gonna save him a trip.. after work he took me robos and got me something to eat *god love* like i need it? lmao... but still... he got me chilli-cheese fries.. they were delicious... then we went back to his house.. we watched the rest of a movie we rented called The Darkness.. and then we decided to ask if Grub, Owens, or Gray wanted to watch it... Gray decided he wanted to so we watched it with him.. 10 minutes before the movie ended Owens comes in and says... "ohhh i've seen that movie, don't they all die in the end".. i was like AHHHH!!! you just ruined the whole endin for him you idiot.. lmao but yea that's him for ya... my friend *rolls eyes* haha...

today: went to school, Nathaniel came and saw me during lunch and then I came home and i'm on here waitin for him to come up after he gets off work at 7 :) ...

*I think its funny all these people that used to hate me, ever since they found out i was pregnant they were all like " aww heyyyy how are you?" and i'm like idiots.. you hate me?? lmao.. oh well its funny

I think Tomorrow me and Nathaniel are gonna go out to eat with paige and bryan at pizza hut or just go out on our own.. either way i'm just happy to be with him <3

but i'm gonna go,

but plz leave comments

love you all

Manderz <3

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"maybe if i act like that, flippin my blonde hair back, i dont wanna be a stupid girl" [29 Mar 2006|06:35pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

hey people's.. i havent updated in a while... no one has left me comments.. makes me sad :(
neways how is life? I guess most of you all have heard.. and yes the rumors are true.. i am havin a lil miracle :) me and Nathaniel are so excited...we know that it's gonna be difficult and we have trialing times ahead of us but we're ready for whatever life has thrown our away.. i will be the best mom i can be

what do you all think of the names Seth Aaron Lee for a boy.. *Lee was my Dad's middle name* and Arianna Faith as a girl??

neways.. me and Nathaniel are doing good as ever.. i'm so proud of him.. he is bein so much more responsible and i believe he will prove EVERYONE who dont believe in him wrong! he's my best friend in the world.. I love you baby <3 9/03/05

Me and Laurisa have gotten closer and i'm so glad... i love my best gal friend :)

me and carissa have been talkin a lil bit more :) i love her as well :)

hmm what else to say??

my life is alright right now as i speak.. but life could be better.. havin some rough times with the family but i know things will get better... God wouldnt make me go through things he knew i coudlnt handle...

plz leave comments

love you all

Manderz <3

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i dont know how i'm gonna make it thru, without my true friends to help me thru" [11 Mar 2006|07:11pm]
[ mood | high ]

Hey People's.. i only got 2 comments last time?? that really upsets me.. what no one cares about my life nemore? lmao oh well i'll update neways :)

well I finally talked to Laurisa about how I felt..i dont think it changed nething but I did the best i Could :)

Me and Carissa barely talk nemore and it makes me sad but ya know that's life..

I finally told Amber why me and her and matt got so unclose.. and the reasons behind it and it wasnt because i liked matt... it was becuase i felt like i had lost my best friends and plus ppl told me some stuff but we all got that cleared up so hopefully we can get along better and become close again :)

well life is alright i guess... still tryin to figure out who my true friends are.. the only one i know is my family and Nathaniel.. that's about it.. oh yea and BECKY! I love you girl lmao

well how's life u ask?? i know you didnt but i'm going to tell you.. it's alright actually for once in my life.. i've come to realize if people dont wanna be my friend, i cant change that and i'm not gonna live in the past nemore.. i told everyoone how I felt and if it helps then i'll know its my true friends.. if not.. then it wasnt worth it neways :) i've always been true to all my friends so :)

Friday: Went to school, after school went to mamamws.... hung out with Shauntae my cousin and took a nap.. and then Nathaniel came and got me after he got off work and we went to his house and watched Walk The LIne.. it was awsome.. then he took me home at midnight.. got in a arguement but then got over it :) ... that was that

Today... i went out and ate at the Huddle House.. got me a chicken sandwich and ham and cheese hashbrowns.. i loved it <3 then we went to wal-mart and park's belk and i got me some clothes :) and 2 new Dvds called The Vanishing with Keifer Sutherland that i heard was real good and the Love song for Johnny LOng i think? it has john travolta in it.. ohh heck yes :) i cant wait to watch them.. then i went to my mammaws and watched my lil cousin shauntae.. she's a handful but i love her :) ... and then now i'm at my cousin Rhiannon's waitin for Nathaniel to get off work at 9 so me and Derrick can go get him from work :) ...

so that's about it

I love my boyfriend.. i've realized he's been so true to me more than anyone else i know.. if no one else stands by me i KNOW he will.. i love you with all my heart and soul baby <3 9/03/05

PLEASE leave comments

Love you all

Manderz <3

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I dream about its gonna end, i fantasize about my death, I kill myself by holding my breath" [07 Mar 2006|06:45pm]
[ mood | high ]

Hey People's....

nothing has really happened lately

I've LOST all my friends but its all cool..

I have to say my bestest friend in the world is my baby Nathaniel <3... I dont barely talk to anyone anymore .. not by my choice.. all my other friends ditch me.. which is their loss i've learned.. i've only tried my best to be a true friend to everyone so if they dont want me.. they'll regret it when all their friends leave them and they'll come back to me and i WILL NOT be there...

my friends are only like Nathaniel, Tasha, Brittany Taylor, Laurisa *when she wants me to be*, Gray, Owen,s and Grub.. thats about all but i dont need neone else :) :) :)

I think i'm going up Brittany's Friday and we are going to Wal-mart while Nathaniel is at work.. sounds fun :)

well i guess that's a short update but that's all i have to say

SILVERCHAIR IS the best band ever :) :)

that's all i have to say

Plz leave comments

love you all

Manderz <3

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i dream about how its goin to end, i fantasize about my death, i kill myself by holdin my breath" [07 Mar 2006|06:35pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Hey Peoples.. thought i'd update again :)

nothing really to say...

I have barely like ANY true friends.... makes me sad but oh well...

I'd have to say my BEST friend in the world is my baby Nathaniel... and that's basically the only friend I have... I've got like Brittany Taylor, Tasha, Laurisa *when she wants to be my friend*, Gray, Owens and Grub.. that's about it :)

i'm happy about it tho i guess.. i dont need neone else

I think Friday i'm going up Britt's and we are going to go out then go back up Nathaniel's since he has to work till 8 :)\

i havent been doin much lately.. just been up Nathaniel's which where I am now :) :) :)

i love him <3

hmm.... let's see.. nothing else to say

plz leave comments :)

love you all

Manderz <3

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i wake up to find myself after all these years , if i die tomorrow as the minutes fade away" [03 Mar 2006|08:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey people's.. no one is leavin many comments.. EFF U ALL ;) lmao

well i'm not gonna do a pointless update if no one is gonna comment? whats the point in that????

well to sum it up .. today is mine and Nathaniel's HALF A YEAR! HELL YEA <3 ... i'm at his house right now as we speak... he's sittin here talkin about how he was fixin roman noodles and burnt his noodles.... oops i meant THE noodles and burnt his finger lmao.. HAHAH aww god love.. i'm hyper so i'm writing stupid stuff.. I LOVE NATHANIEL THO :) :) :) :) :) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!

neways... life is alright i suppose... i'm just tired of my so called "friends" usin me as their backup plan.. i'm sick and tired of it.. from now on.. i'll hang out with ppl.. i wont consider them close friends or get attached or close to them.. my only best friend is Nathaniel... that's all I need :) nuff said

neways... i just then got over the flu.. it has been a rough week

oh yea Becky.. i'm not talkin about you... ur still my best/whore friend :) feel special ur in my update!!

this was long enuff until i update again

plz do this

Do you consider me a friend? or backup friend? j/w to everyone readin this and wat do you all honestly think of me

Plz leave comments

love you all

Manderz <3

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